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  • Develop a suite of advanced analytics products
  • Support business strategy consulting teams

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Largest TMT strategy consulting group in the world


1. Guide other Data Analysts and Data Engineers to solve complex analytical problems

2. Collaborate with Executives, Business Analysts, and Data Scientists to formulate hypotheses, prepare data, build data models, and visualize results to effectively connect data insights to complex client strategic questions

3. Developqualityauditstoidentifyandreportpotential data qualityissuesandoversee data team'sworkproduct

4. Build and maintain master databases / data warehouses for consulting teams by pulling together disparate data sources

5. Effectivelypresentandcommunicatecomplexanalyticalortechnicalconceptstointernalandexternalstakeholders

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*1-2 yearsof data projectleadershipexperience

*2+ yearsexperienceworkingwithPythonoranotherobject-orientedlanguage

*SQLmastery, includingtechniquesforwritingefficientcodeoverlargedatasets

*Extensiveexperiencewith data preparationforstatisticalormachinelearningmodels

*Abilitytoleveragecritical data-driventhinkingandenthusiasmfortranslating data intoactionableinsighttogenerateconsistentlyaccurateandusefulanalysisandmodels

*ExperiencerunningETLson a data warehouse-AWSRedshift, Presto, Hive, BigQuery, Teradata

*Experienceusing Apache Spark

*ExperienceworkingwithandrunningETLsontraditionalrelationaldatabases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, OracleSQL

*Experience working with GCP, AWS, or other cloud platforms

*Experience exporting data to Excel and publishing to BI solution such as Tableau, Qlik, Looker, or Power BI for business users to view

*Experience using a workflow management tool such as Airflow, Luigi, Oozie, or Azkaban

*Attention to detail and time management delivering high quality work while meeting deadlines

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