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Important and leading finances company.


Impact on the Business:

  • Ensure maximum calls are made/taken within the company, specifically through managing projects to improve efficienciesefficiencies whilst remaining compliant.
  • Ensure agreed ASAsASAs and SLAsSLAs are achieved through proactive duty management.
  • Execute / manage all channels including but not limited to (diallerdialler, inbound, WFMWFM, and digital) as appropriate for specific strategy needs across supported businesses.
  • Make real time judgmental calls on dialerdialer efficienciesefficiencies to maximize contacts, while remaining within applicable regulatory guidelines.
  • Leverage technical knowledge of contact management channels to ensure we consider customers'customers' expectations while meeting legal and compliance regulations.
  • Provide support to ensure CM channels are set-up in the most efficient and cost effective structure.
  • Work with regional partners to deliver process improvement initiatives.
  • Provide analyticalanalytical insights.
  • Engage with vendors and evaluate recommend technologies relevant to Contact Management. This includes but not limited to digital, diallerdialler, WFMWFM, IVRIVR, etc.

Customer / Stakeholder management:

  • All contact channels applicable for any supported business with or outside Of GCCSGCCS, this may include Collections, Underwriting, Fraud, Sales, and Contact CentreCentre.
  • All stakeholders require the function to provide effective and efficient contact execution. This will vary by the entity, but will be focused on the effectiveness of customer contacts, measured via right party contact rates.

Leadership & Teamwork:

  • To keep up to date with all technical developments / requirements of the job, developing new skills as required.
  • Effectively communicate with key departments such as operations, analyticsanalytics, strategy and IT.
  • Ability to review and make recommendations on settings and processes for the contact management channel that has been assigned.
  • Provide employee development and training to any assigned members of the team both direct and indirect reports.
  • Manage execution and implementation of small medium term projects
  • To execute joint projects in collaborations with other units in CCSCCS.
  • Participate / contribute in various global initiatives.
  • Escalate items to the appropriate management staff especially in regards to gaps associated with legal, compliance and conduct risk elements
  • Actively participate in learning / training programs such as One Best Way.

Operational Effective & Control:

  • Act as a subject matter expert for technical developments of Contact Technology and its communication environment.
  • Share best practices / standardization with the countries supported, and with the other regional teams.
  • Analyze outputs of reports and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Assist in ensuring that all compliance and governance procedures are in line with the appropriate guidelines applicable in the business units supported in the Region
  • Apply the appropriate account contact behaviourbehaviour as predefined in the Global Collections Manual (GCMGCM).
  • Act as a subject matter expert in building and continuously enhancing test and control environments, which in conjunction with Risk and AnalyticsAnalytics improve effectiveness of the function, in line with global best practice.
  • Be the control in the resolution of any systemic contact channel fault resolution.
  • Comply with internal controls and company Compliance procedure, and adhere to the principle of 'treating'treating customers fairly.
  • Proactively review and suggest improvements in various reports in order to maximize business performance.
  • Perform quality checks and suggest process standardizationsstandardizations.
  • Create UATUAT test cases with standardization across regions.

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Major Challenges in this role:

  • Understand technical advancements in a fast-paced, global market place, and ensure that the company remains at the forefront.
  • Due to the volume of calls made and received on a daily basis, this function operates in a fast-paced environment. The effective handling of these calls has a direct impact on the Bank's P&L. The team is kept exceptionally busy throughout the day, reacting to the business needs. It is important that the role holder creates an atmosphere that motivates the team.
  • As the Collections and Sales activity has increased, the business is becoming increasingly fragmented. This requires the team to execute more complex contact strategies in order to meet the demands of its customers.
  • The role holder must ensure they keep their personal knowledge current, and are required to cascade these learningslearnings to the teams within the Region.
  • Compliance with the ever changing regulatory framework, internal processes and conduct risk challenges are an ongoing responsibility.

Role Context:

  • Act as a subject matter expert based on the assigned contact management technology.
  • Support daily execution tasks and project related support on contact management channels that one is responsible for managing.
  • Communicate opportunities and potential gaps to one's management team. Provide guidance and resolution to rectify these types of situations.
  • The management of the Contact Technology is of primary importance. There is the potential to breach various regulatory guidelines across the region.
  • Within the management of the Contact Technology, the team will undertake various champion challenger style tests in conjunction with OAOA and Collections in order to trial new processes.
  • The use and effective deployment of alternative contact media is of growing importance. This function will support the execution of SMSSMS, email, and other contact strategies to provide a coherent and customer focused contact approach.
  • The jobholder has the freedom to make recommendations to management to implement agreed changes as appropriate.

Management of Risk:

  • The job holder will ensure that the fair treatment of our customers is at the heart of everything we do, both personally and as an organisationorganisation. This will be achieved by consistently displaying the behavioursbehaviours required to support the Best Place to Bank principles of Make Better Products, Sell Them Properly, and Keep Them Sold.
  • The jobholder will continually reassess the operational risks associated with the role and inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures and practices, management restructurings, and the impact of new technology.
  • Ensure all actions take account of the likelihood of operational risk occurring, and by addressing any areas of concern in conjunction with line management and/or the appropriate department.

Observation of Internal Controls:

  • The jobholder will also adhere to and be able to demonstrate adherence to internal controls. This will be achieved by adherence to all relevant procedures, keeping appropriate records, and, where appropriate, by the timely implementation of internal and external audit points, including issues raised by external global regulators.
  • The jobholder will implement the Group Compliance Policy by containing compliance risk in liaison with Global Head of Compliance, Global Compliance Officer, Area Compliance Officer or Local Compliance Officer. The term 'compliance''compliance' embraces all relevant financial services laws, rules, and codes with which the business must comply.
  • This will be achieved by adhering to all relevant processes/procedures and by liaising with Compliance department about new business initiatives at the earliest opportunity.

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  • Superior benefits.
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