About us

Page Interim works as a specialized services provider that helps you manage temporary recruitment processes for different professional profiles, from the personnel sourcing and acquisition to the talent onboarding, in order to achieve the goal of optimizing your company's productivity.


Placements in 2020-22


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Reasons to hire Page Interim

We offer our clients the necessary legality and transparency to manage hiring and payroll processes, within the framework of the Mexican labor reform in force since September 2021.

  1. Flexibility in hiring, trial periods, defined temporary projects, disability coverage and much more..
  2. Legality and transparency in the specialized personnel processes.
  3. Legal consultancy in case of not having a tax entity registered in Mexico.
  4. REPSE certified.
  5. Onboarding to foreign companies starting operations in the Mexican market.

Benefits for clients

Support from an international firm

Transparent processes

Adaptability to each project --tailor-made suits

Follow-up and monitoring of candidates